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Want to get the most out of Merge Dragons!? Here are a handful of easy ways to save time, earn more, progress faster, and have more fun.

Tip #1: Matching 5 is better than 3.


Tip #2: Match life essence for greater healing power.


Tip #3: Match from dead land to heal it instantly.


More Tips Coming Soon!

  1. There are two ways to move objects. You can drag them by pressing on them and dragging your finger around the screen. Or, you can tap to select them, then tap on an empty space where you want it to go. (Note that the 2nd method does not work for objects like Life Essence, Coins, Treasure Chests, and other things that activate when you tap them.)

  2. You can drag and drop your Dragons onto the objects you want them to harvest from or destroy. For example, drop a Dragon onto a Life Flower to have it harvest Life Essence. Or drop it on a Zomblin Cave to have it destroy the cave.

  3. You can match things that you might not expect. For example, you can match: Coins, Stone Bricks, Goal Stars, Dragon Stars, Dragon Gems, and even Treasure Chests!

  4. How do you get more Dragon Gems? Sometimes when you do a level's quests, a Purple Dragon Star will fall to the land instead of a normal, yellow star. You can tap them for Dragon Gems. But Dragon Stars are very rare. Up to 3 can fall at a time, but then they won't show up again for a while.

  5. How do you get even more Dragon Gems? If you get Purple Dragon Stars in a level, do NOT tap them! Instead, leave them there. They'll show up in the reward menu for you to bring home, where you can then save up and match them for a Magnificent Dragon Star. Tap that for lots of Dragon Gems of various sizes. Match any of the Dragon Gems that you can to level them up before tapping to collect them!

  6. Some things will spawn over time from other objects. For example, Fruit Trees occasionally grow fruit, which you can tap off the tree. Or, higher level Fruit Trees will also cause Life Flower Sprouts to grow nearby! Bushes, Grass, Dead Trees, Water... all these objects and other grow interesting things nearby.