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Wonders of Dragonia!

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Are you ready to learn more about the rarest wonders of the Dragon World?

Bearer of the World Crystal

bearer of the world crystal
  • This wonder is the last level of Midas Trees.  It takes ~800 level 3 Midas Tree merges to unlock this wonder! You can win Midas Trees in our weekend event quest prizes!

  • Tapping the wonder gives tons of Midas Duck nests and can be tapped every 10 hours for more rewards!The wonder can be harvested for extra goodies as well

  • Less than 1% of Dragonians have unlocked this wonder!

The Chocolate Fountain Wonder

chocolate fountain
  • Wonder 20 of the Dragon World, the Chocolate Fountain is one of the most recent additions to Dragonia!

  • Items from this chain was given to users as a Valentine’s surprise!

  • Upon tapping the wonder gives tons of Sweetheart Dragon eggs and other goodies!

  • Less than 1% of Dragonians have unlocked this wonder!

The Rainbow Wonder

rainbow wonder
  • The most elusive wonder of Dragonia, the Rainbow is the final item in the life flower chain!

  • You need ~7.5 million life flowers to create the Rainbow! Less than 1% of Dragonians have discovered this wonder!

  • The Rainbow generates Baby Rainbows upon tap and is a beautiful decoration for your camp!

rainbow wonder

One of our lovely players shared their Rainbow wonders in camp! Aren't they beautiful?

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